A few months ago while I was travelling through the Gobi desert, I found a strange stone in the sand, I’ve never seen that kind of stone before to my experience, and apparently it was not from earth and looked like it was a part of a larger one, so I searched every inch of that area, which was about a few square miles, and I found a few more of the same kind.


When I got home I cut a sample and got it analyzed, its amazing that its weekly basic, CaMgSi2O6 KAlSi3O8 and something else I just don’t know the name, were found contained in it, also some metal and other elements that I were never aware of, then I searched on the internet and found it very likely to be a Shergottitesand the place where I found them was not far from where the well known Chinese Martian Meterite “Hongshagang” was found.


It will be one of the most important moments in my life if they are identified as genuine Martian Meteorites.


I have more photos for qualified expert to identify, and samples are ready to deliver.


More Martian Meteorite photos upon request.


China Martian Meteorites Found In Gobi desert 1


 China Martian Meteorites Found In Gobi desert 2